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27. March 2017
Fast and flexible production changes from rigid to foam sheet

From rigid to foam sheet on the fly…
Fast and flexible production changes with Gneuss sheet lines

PET sheet extrusion lines with the Gneuss Processing Unit can be quickly and flexibly switched to producing physically foamed PET sheet.

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1. March 2017
Recycling of PET nonwoven fiber waste

Recycling of PET Nonwoven Fiber Waste

In the manufacture of PET nonwovens, waste of various types and amounts occurs at different points in the process. Gneuss Recycling Lines, consisting of the Gneuss Processing Unit and Polyreactor “JUMP” enable the complete nonwoven fibre waste to be put directly back into the extrusion process.

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16. November 2016
Gneuss K-follow-up report

The new IV booster JUMP. “K” 2016 visitor´s favourite on the Gneuss booth

This year´s „K“ show in Düsseldorf was once again an extremely successful one for Gneuss. The wide range of different innovations and latest developments attracted numerous visitors to the Gneuss booth.

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7. November 2016
Movie: Gneuss at K’16

Movie: Gneuss at K’16


22. August 2016
New for the K 2016

Gneuss presents innovative new products and further product enhancements

Hall 9 Stand 9/A38

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24. August 2015
Gneuss branch in South America celebrates 10th anniversary

Gneuss branch in South America celebrates 10th anniversary

It is exactly one decade ago that Gneuss Kunststofftechnik GmbH from Bad Oeynhausen, Germany, opened its branch office in São Paulo, Brazil. The establishment was due to the great success that Gneuss had achieved in South America in prior years in association with its representative offices in Brazil and Chile.

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25. June 2015
Dryerless PET extrusion with viscosity control

Dryerless PET extrusion with viscosity control

In PET extrusion, the material’s intrinsic viscosity (IV) and its preservation is a key quality characteristic of the end product, e.g. when manufacturing sheet, strapping or fiber. The ability to not just monitor, but to also control the melt viscosity in real time and therefore produce end products with very consistent IV is one of the unique features of Gneuss’ MRS Extrusion Technology.

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28. April 2015
RSFgenius M successful in South America
New Rotary Filtration System RSFgenius M successful in South America

Gneuss’ new filtration system RSFgenius M is especially designed for highly contaminated materials such as in recycling processes.

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19. March 2015
PRF Recycling Forum and Gneuss Open House

PRF Recycling Forum and Gneuss Open House 

The Polyester Recycling Forum of Dr. Thiele Polyester Technology and the Open House of Bad Oeynhausener Gneuss Kunststofftechnik GmbH at the beginning of March 2015 attracted a large number of visitors.

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