Plastics Recycling
Nashville, TN, USA
19.02.18 - 21.02.18
ICICP Colloquium
Medellin, Colombia
14.03.18 - 16.03.18
PRS Plastic Recycling Show
Amsterdam, Netherlands
24.04.18 - 25.04.18
Stand B10


Extrusion Technology

Gneuss’ MRS Extrusion System offers new possibilities in the venting or devolatilization of polymer melts

JUMP Technology

Reprocessing of PET industrial and post-consumer waste to high value products with the brand new JUMP reactor

Filtration Technology

The patented Rotary Filtration Systems and screen changers enable fully automatic, process and pressure constant filtration…more

Measurement Technology

Gneuss Melt Pressure and Temperature Sensors are characterized by their extremely high precision, combined with a high degree of robustness… more

Turn Key

Recycling Lines

Gneuss offers Recycling Lines for direct reprocessing and feeding of an extremely wide range of heavily contaminated production waste …more

Thermoforming Sheet Lines

Gneuss Sheet Extrusions Lines are flexible and can be operated with recycled material and / or virgin material

Recycling Lines for PET Bottle Flakes

Gneuss pelletising systems produce excellent quality pellets, which are already suitable for processing to food contact products…more

Further Production Lines

Gneuss production lines are used in different applications for devolatilization, decontamination and mixing of polymers…more